Kemar Daswell


The Certified Divas official video was last evening released at local hot spot Quad night club where one of the most anticipated videos for the summer was made public for the first time. The video was shot some months ago during the carnival season and finally was ready.

Certified Divas flocked the Quad to see what is dubbed as a divas anthem for summer 2010, are the divas pleased or not that’s yet to be known as some kept comments to themselves while others said it was indeed a great production. The single was done by industry staples Tami Chynn and Tifa a dynamic duo that brought the song to international appeal, the song seems to be another success under the WASHROOM brand from their Voicemail “Dance the night away”.

The video can be argued to be the directors best directed video since his attempts at being a video director. Dexter “3D” Pottinger best known in the fashion industry as a designer has ventured out into the film industry to create videos. He has directed videos such as Tifa’s “Bottom of the Barrell” , “Spell it out” , Sophia Brown “I am a Rose” Russell Diamond“Paper Chase Gyal Yuh Hot’ and others. Dexter Pottinger is indeed making a name in the film industry as well as leaving a mark in the fashion industry. He may have used his knowledge as a designer and creative stylist in coming up with concepts and looks for his videos, making working in that department an ease with the art department as a director he knows what he wants.

Certified Divas seems to have a life span this summer and after as well as promoters have been waiting on the official video to use clippings from the video to promote events etc.

The video edited by Kritik & Nicholas “Birdy” Shaw also gave added assistance in the final product as a director can direct a great video but in the end its the editors that make or break the video, these two industry staples again have done a good job in expressing the meaning of the video to the public from the directors eyes. The KAO:ARTS team has always produced amazing work and most times persons are eager to see whats next from this team.

The concept of the video thou a bit cliche it was generally good, the video started as expected. Although nothing new in terms of creativity and use of colour the way it was used at times was different the close up’s on the decorated lips and different accessories on the talents as well as the use of the green screen it may seem with unbelievable inserts. The production team indeed has earned a “B” with this final product. As we move forward into the summer lets see the longevity of the video and how fast the hype will rise and fall.