Former Rising Stars contestant and recording artiste Jodian Pantry, seems destined to take her career to another level, with the release of her latest single, Blood Money. The track, which is produced by Advocate Entertainment, has been garnering a fair amount of airplay since its release last two weeks.

Blood Money sees Jodian taking on the persona of a female involved in a relationship with a gunman. The song begins with Pantry professing her love for her man, and then seamlessly takes the listener on an emotional roller-coaster as the illicit activities of her lover, and her role in facilitating these, begin to take a toll on her conscience.

Jodian Pantry

Pantry advised that the Blood Money will be soon be available for download on the leading digital music retailers, including iTunes and eMusic as part of her five-track EP – “Never Stay Away…the journey begins”. She now has her sights set on the filming of a video for the song, which should be completed within two weeks.

Pantry noted, “I have been busy in the studios and have already recorded over thirty (30) singles since the start of the year. My focus is on delving into unexplored topics and themes. People can look out for strong, positive lyrics, as that is what the music industry needs right now.”

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Considered a child prodigy, Jodian first came to national attention at age twelve when she entered the JCDC Gospel Song Contest with the emotional “I’ll give my Heart”. Since finishing second in 2007 to Romain Virgo in the Digicel Rising Stars Competition, Pantry has developed a reputation as the consummate performer, and also won an EME Award in 2008 for her Bed of Roses collaboration with Noddy Virtue.

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