Wolmer’s Trust High School for Boys has done it again! Just moments ago the Heroes Circle based school return since its last win in 1956 to claim the milestone title of the 100th year winner of the ISSA/GraceKennedy Girls and Boys’ Athletic Championships.

In an interview with media personnel Coach of the Wolmer’s Boys team , David Riley, was asked if his team was a milestone team. “To be honest when we started out, we didn’t even knew it was a milestone until far in the preparation time…Given that we won the first Boys Champs in 1910 we came and delivered our best.”

In the meantime the Holmwood Technical Girls team has once again taken the crown the 8th time in a row. Since inherited the coveted title of winners from 20 times champions Vere Technical in 2003, the Holmwood Technical Girls have remain an all-time favourite produce several athletes to run for Jamaica.

“We’ll talk about that.” was the words from the winning coach of the Holmwood Technical Girls Team.

The Boys and Girls Championship have over the last 100 years consistently remained an high school-must attend event with stimulated competition second to none in high school sports history in Jamaica.

The last three days of the championships has been an enjoyable one and have undoubtedly climaxed in a befitting win. Congratulation to the Wolmer’s Boy Team on your 100th year victory of the ISSA/GraceKennedy Girls and Boys’ Athletic Championships! And well done Holmwood Girls

Edwin Allen High School were second place for Girls, while the boys from Red Hills Road, Calabar trailed behind!

Congratulations to all the school! Dexter Communications will bring you more details later.