Anthea McGibbon, Contributing Writer –Dexter Communications

Racquel Brown Gaston in her 292 page book, “Deadly Instincts” is sure to stir your passion for adventures.

Deadly Instincts is a suspense and thriller fiction title by Gaston, who uses simple language to effectively connect many on a one on one basis to her creative thoughts.  Seeing no borders in the human race, Brown is one Jamaican who is multidimensional in her creative process, and personality and is warmly welcomed by all. She commits her talent to arresting readers with anxiety, as each moment of the book’s reading hold all in high expectation of what’s to come next.

One reader Bevon Thompson got hooked from the cover. “I couldn’t put this book down. This is an awesome read with twists and turns in every chapter. Just when you thought you figured it out, it still finds ways to send shock waves up your spine, all the way to the last page. Deadly Instincts is non-stop action; it’s sexy, engaging and full of guilty pleasure,” says Bevon Thompson, a reader says.

The book is about an undercover DEA Agent, Darius Kramer, whose last assignment of his career is to infiltrate, expose and take down the deadliest and most elusive drug family in New York City. To the DEA, the job’s requirement is his expertise in strategic moves. He is unaware however of how much it’s all a lethal strategic game, where making mistakes is the only certainty. Closing the case is a race against time, as every opponent’s move means death and for sure each of Darius’ moves could cost him his life.

The reader is constant asked if at the end of the deadly game, whether Dairus will discover who really holds his fate and why. This is the crux, and hence readers are hooked to the very end.

So far the book has only travelled selected USA locations, but wherever it goes, Deadly Instincts heightens tensions, as much as its petite author raises eyebrows.

The book, which is slated to be made into a movie, will be launched in Jamaica by mid-year when Racquel along with other members of the Jamaican Diaspora when they visit to pay tribute to their homeland, and attend a conference. In the meantime, plans are afoot for filmmaker Robin Chin, owner of Enhanced Realizm Fims, considered one of the best on Jamaican soil to do a movie thriller for those who anticipate the movie and have painstakingly stated the book is presented as a movie thriller.

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