So the ‘Anger-trouble’ supermodel Naomi Campbell has clout once again and is being sought by the Police in New York after her driver accused her of slapping and punching him as he drove her through the city.

It is believe that after the alleged incident, the driver pulled over and Campbell left the scene before police arrived.

In the meantime the model’s spokesman has stated, “There shouldn’t be a rush to judgement” and has pledge that the model with co-operate voluntarily.

Ugh…only one word can describe her behaviour “scumbeast“, i don’t mean to be rude but this is the type of bird she behaving like. Someone needs to get her in Anger Management Classes beside Chris Brown, maybe both can find out how to be civil.

This is not a first for Naomi Campbell, has she have been sentenced to community service over previous incidents of assault. She was arrested in 2007 for hitting her housekeeper with a crystal studded blackberry and in 2008 assaulted two officers in a London Airport.