Hmm…I like the smell of freshly baked pastry, and somehow we have another one from the oven here.

Do you see any resemblance with Matthew (right) and baby Nixon?

Pictures are out of the alleged love child of Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles and Alexsandra Wright.  Last October Wright filed a paternity suit against the pop-singer’s father alleging that they had an 18-months affair.

Wright, who gave birth on February 4 to Nixon, a baby boy which she, is seeking child support from Matthew Knowles.

Shortly before posting, we received a report from TMZ that Beyonce’s father was ordered to temporarily support baby Nixon.  The report from TMZ stated:

An L.A. judge just ordered Knowles to pay $8,200 a month in child support, retroactive to February 1. Knowles must also pay 100% of uninsured medical costs.

The report also noted that Matthew will take a DNA test on March 1 from which the outcome of support issues hinges.

The TMZ report also slapped that “It’s interesting — Knowles has not flat out denied he’s the daddy. And in fact, he gave Alexsandra $10,000 in January to cover uninsured medical costs and baby stuff.” The report issued noted that the Judge ordered Knowles to pay Wright $20,750 for the month of January.

Do you see any resemblances with baby Nixon and Matthew?