There are several reports which are stating that Dancehall Superstar Mavado was robbed at gunpoint while voicing several dub plates at a studio in Canada early Sunday morning.

According to one report, Mavado and his manager was robbed at a studio called Sonny Diamonds located in Toronto, Canada.

Another report also stated that the Artiste was so upset, that he immediately begun thrashing the studio after the incident.

According to the reports, a group of armed men stormed into the studio making demands. They allegedly stole Mavado’s jewellery and money and they also robbed other persons who accompanied the Deejay to the studio.

However, according to the Manager of the artiste Julian Jones-Griffith says he was sitting outside the Sonny Diamonds located in Toronto, Canada, using his laptop while on his phone when 3 men approached him, one pulled a gun on him and demanded that he wind his car window down.

According to Julian, the men grabbed his phone and laptop and ran away. Contrary to reports, Julian said the men did not steal any jewellery, money or passports.

He also noted that Mavado was inside the studio at the time of the incident and was unhurt and unaware of what had taken place.

Mavado suffered a similar fate in the same country back in 2007, when his passport, credit cards, laptop and other valuables were stolen. Due to the fact that he didn’t have his documents, Mavado was forced to cancel his appearance at several events, leaving fans in Atlanta as well as in Trinidad and Tobago disappointed.

The Deejay and his manager return to the island today, February 8, 2010.

Source: ZIP 103 FM

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