So like many I was chatting up with my friends about Tiger Woods and his, you know, over active lifestyle.

One of the things was the possibility of sex rehab, and we know Hollywood isn’t a stranger to this, after all Halle Berry ex-husband Eric Benét got added admitted for sex-addiction right before she divorce him. We also know about David Duchovny, who is the husband of 10 years, to actress Tea Loni.

Back to Tiger Woods, words have it that the golfer is going through sex rehab centres faster than how he went through his mistresses. Wow!

Woods reportedly started his sex therapy journey at Arizona facility The Meadows back in December, but was recently relocated to Pine Grove/Gentle Path sex addiction treatment center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

New York Times Magazine writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis, who has struggled with sex addiction himself, claims on his personal blog that Tiger is currently in Mississippi.

According to Lewis, Tiger “began his treatment at The Meadows in Arizona, but then left.”

“That’s what happened to David Duchovny, who publicly announced that he was entering sex addiction rehab and began at The Meadows, where many celebrities are treated. But Duchovny left and went to Keystone, a highly respected (but significantly less high-profile) sex rehab outside of Philadelphia. I know Keystone well: I spent five weeks there for my own recovery,” Lewis wrote on his site.

Oh yeah, as you know there ain’t no official confirmation from the Tigers camp that he’s even in rehab for sex addiction.  As one of ma friends said, the Tiger is a bit too wild, rehab for sex could do a little taming down for him!