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Kim Davis, Polysh Magazine’s Winter Cover girl

Polysh Magazine has now officially launched their Winter Spread! Here is an excerpt from their Feature Article with the Talented Kim Davis:

At 27, Kim Davis has gone through more than some will in an entire lifetime. Three years ago, we fell in love with her voice the first time she was featured as a solo artist on the radio. Her song, Hush, with reggae artist sizzla, put her on the map in North America. Today we fall in love with her presence as she talks music, pain, triumph and of course –her debut album.

November.12th, 2009, the team and I meet with Kim for a fitting before our cover shoot. She greets us in her signature way, with an upbeat, “hello!” and a firm handshake. Dressed casually in a t-shirt and slim-fit pants, Kim is prepared and excited for one of many meetings penciled into her busy schedule.

She walks around freely, lending her body as a mannequin to be pulled, twisted and hoisted in different directions. [laughing] “I’m comfortable,” she says. “Just tell me where to go,” and our fashion Director, Youlanda Jackson does just that.

As she walks back and forth and changes from outfit to outfit, Kim takes us through her daily routine, which starts with her waking up at 6:30am to get her two kids ready for school. “Once the kids are gone, I go to the gym for about an hour and then it’s off to the studio for a long recording/ writing session,” she says. “I also spend a lot of time on my computer and finalizing contracts since I own my own label.” on most days, she’s busy doing interviews and having meetings before the kids come home; that’s when the real fun begins.

Kim Davis

Recording Artist Kim Davis


For Kim, music has always been an integral part of her life. “My father played the guitar and my grandmother was a jazz singer,” she beams. This would explain her musical talent and ability to blend many genres to create her own. “I love folk, I love hip-hop, I love R&B, so I think all of those things definitely factor into the music that I make: music without limits,” she says. “I don’t want to be in a box. I’m a writer too so I write whatever style people are looking for.” Her South African heritage has caused her to be more culturally and socially aware. Having faced discrimination in her native country prompted her to promote diversity within herself and her music.

“Doing the reggae was easy, because being from toronto, i feel everybody has a bit of west Indian in them. really, it’s just R&B over a different type of rhythm.” Though she has reached a point of notoriety in Canada, it wasn’t easy for Kim to establish herself as an artist. For a long time she was a background singer until she was approached by a producer in New York who asked if she was interested in starting a solo career. But after signing unsuccessful contracts and not getting anywhere under someone else, she decided to take her career into her own hands. Last year, she released her mixtape titled, Live. Love. Learn, which has been blowing up airwaves ever since and is now available on itunes. Songs like, Sometimes and, Show Me the Way, continue to promote Kim as an artist with remarkable vocals and relatable lyrics. she was named the #1 unsigned r&B artist on myspace Canada and continues to make tremendous strides in a country where only the toughest survive.

Though working now takes up a major part of her day, it didn’t always. Music –something that has always been playing in the background of her life –moved to the forefront when she suffered a terrible

By 19 years old, Davis was married to her high school sweetheart. they had a loving relationship that was not approved of by many, but that didn’t matter. It was more than she could’ve asked for at the time. unfortunately, as many young couples fall in love, they fell out of it. Her marriage came to an end in 2004. After their separation, Davis decided to take a break from the dating scene to focus on herself. She began seeing someone who was also in the industry. Although their relationship was blissful at first, it wasn’t long before it took a turn for the worst. she shares her story with us:

“we were dating for about a year and the first six months were absolutely amazing and then I started touring and he started to get controlling. You know how it goes when you’re in that situation. it’s so insane. it started with him trying to do it in a loving manner, you know, [him] being concerned and then that quickly turned into a little grab here, and a little push there and eventually it became full out abuse. not only was it physical abuse, but emotional and mental as well.”

Bittersweet ending

On November 26, 2005, Kim found herself caught in the midst of a fight unlike any other; a fight that ended traumatically, but caused an epiphany for her. “my daughter told my ex-husband that she was scared to come home because she had seen my boyfriend hit me. My ex-husband came over and the individual [her boyfriend] was there and they got into a huge altercation, which ended with my ex-husband passing away. My boyfriend stabbed him to death and in the process stabbed me multiple times. That’s how it ended. He went to jail and he’ll be there for the next five years. It ended and if it didn’t end that way, it would’ve ended in my own death.” Today Kim tells her story as a stronger and more triumphant woman. She has learned from it and shares with us this advice: “Love is not pain. So if you’re in a relationship where you’re hurting in any kind of way, you need to leave. Period.”

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Excerpt from Courtney Roberts’ Article “Live. Love. Learn. Getting up close &personal with Kim Davis”