The saga surrounding Tiger Woods since his most embarrassing moments late last year are increasing.

Speculations are now growing concerning his whereabouts. In a new issue of Us Weekly there is a report saying that the golfer, 34, has been staying with his billionaire pal Jim Dolan, the controversy-prone CEO of Calbvision and owner of Madison Square Garden and the New York Knicks.

Tiger Woods just can seem to get away from the news…let me continue the story.

The US Weekly, which is on newsstands now, article, was quoted saying that Jim was reaching out to Tiger to hide out at his US$13.5 million fortress-like waterfront estate. From the story it was also gather that, Woods have been staying at the 10,000-square-foot colonial mansion — on New York’s Long Island a week after his sex scandal broke.

That’s not all people; Tiger Woods is also seeing a shrink – well the shrink, kinda seeing him, because he is going to the house.

Of course you going to expect that someone gonna deny this. Yeah and a Madison Square Garden Spokesperson has done that job.

What you think? Come on now, has a history of helping troubled athletes, including basketball player Vin Baker, who battled alcoholism, so what would make this not be true?

What do you think of Tiger Woods and his controversy?