Mercy! Developments on Tiger are on us today bad!

We just got a snitch that Tiger Woods’ Yacht is heading out to sea.

The US$22 million yacht, called Privacy, was photographed literally moments ago leaving its dock and heading out to sea. According to the photographed picture “Privacy” was clearly legible on the back of the departing ship at minutes to 5:00pm.

The destination of the private luxury boat is unknown. Photographs could not confirm whether Tiger Woods was on deck. Woods has not been seen or photographed since the day after Thanksgiving — when he crashed his SUV outside his Windermere, Fl. home following a reported fight with wife Elin regarding an affair with alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel.

So the question is whether Jim Dolan, who we report that the athlete was staying with, will be providing the reclusive athlete with his private jet to meet the ship somewhere…keep following us for updates.