Just how far would you go for fame and fortune? What about selling pictures of you naked? Well, that’s the latest dipper from the So Hard singer Rihanna.

Yup, that’s right, or you could read the headline again.

June 29 is the date set to release, what has been described as a montage of some sexy and unseen pictures in a 144 pages book. Rihanna is working with the creative director of her latest album Rated R to bring us this work of art for a cost of US$38.

At the start of the New Year we were warmed that Rihanna is releasing a TELL ALL BOOK with the title The Last Girl on Earth reported by MediaTakeOut.com where she is expected to discuss her relationship with celebrity men amongst other things. You can pre-order your copy here!

Rihanna….NAKED PICTURES in a book….GIRRRL…I can only hear you singing: “They can say whateva, I’ma do whateva…No fear, and while you are getting your cry on I’m getting my fly onnn.”