Felicia Gooden known in the music industry as Lisa Hype, after her discharged from the Vybz Kartel headed Portmore Empire as made her first public interview.

The artiste spoke out in an interview last evening about her expulsion from the Portmore Empire, as well as addressing speculations surrounding her new single Chat, which was release after sting hurling insults at several artistes, on the RJR radio programme Ruption hosted by the Fluffy Diva, Ms. Kitty.

In the interview, Lisa Hype said she never expected the decision, but suspected something was going to happen. When asked by Ms. Kitty if Kartel was the person who called and informed her of her discharge the response was no.

Ms. Kitty asked Hype what was meant by the following statement issue by Kartel: The members of the Empire have unanimously agreed to end our professional relationship especially in light of certain ‘developments’ that have come to our attention regarding her overall conduct, conduct that is not consistent with the decorum expected of a member of the Portmore Empire.” To which she responded, “it must be the picture or the song with Stacious…it can’t be nothing else.”

Ms Kitty followed up, at anytime did you seek the permission of Vybz to do the song for Stacious, to which Hype articulated a response of no.

The late afternoon interview on RJR also saw Lisa Hype clarifying the allegations that she confirmed with the STAR that the person in the controversial picture was Vybz Kartel. In her words Lisa Hype said that the STAR’s Reporter, Krista Henry, twisted her words in the published November 18, 2009 article saying: “Is mi boss, ma mentor. Mi nuh have nutten more to say…. Mi just haffi prepare miself fi it.”

When asked by the Ruption host what exactly she meant, she nabbed that Henry asked her two questions:

  1. If she was intimately involved with Kartel? To which she responded saying no, he is mi boss, ma mentor.
  2. If the person in the picture was Kartel? To which she again said no

So what is the truth? Is Lisa Hype really changing her talk now?

Hype also said that the supposable name change to “LISA HYPER” as we reported before was just for the talks. As for the new single…Hype said ‘a whole heap a people on mi name, so mi just a address dem’.

What about the tattoos and the next move for the artiste? Well Hype said she now have the freedom to work with more producers and that the tattoo isn’t a setback.