Lisa Hyper is on a roll and “raging” at the same time.

The former Portmore Empire Artiste has hurled insulting comments at several artiste including Spice, Tifa, Timberlee, Pamputee, Stacious and Ikaya. At the moment the exact reason for this song is unknown.

Lisa Hyper, the official name following her break-away from the Portmore Empire, express the following sentiments in “Stop Chat”:

“me de pon fire, the whole ah dem career mi a wire.”

She deejay further “one shot fire, 6 gal get graze Spice get coward when me tear down the place, same suit she inna Friday, gal no bathe.”

She refers to Ishawna saying “Foota nuh have no hype, him caan gi yu no fame.”

There was even a reference that Spice, “put fur pon her face.”

Something of surprise is the insult hurled at Tifa, one was of the opinion that there was a good relationship between both artiste. Lisa HYPER referred to Tifa: “Tifa smell like when dead dog a bun.”

Other lyrics in the song states: “Dash weh belly Timberlee look up inna mi magnum…Spice eat too pussy and it sore up her tongue…Pamputtae coulden run her belly drag her down, Twins of Twins up inna oonu face me wine and cum.”

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