The Greenfield Stadium is where Jamaica Jazz and Blues will be held this year. The announcement was made earlier this month that the popular January event would take a shift from its previous famed venue the Aqueduct location in Rose Hall, Montego Bay.

The Greenfield Stadium located in Trelawny is just 12 minutes away from the previous venue for the Festival and 8 to 15 minutes drive from popular hotels such as Iberostar, Rose Hall, Half Moon, and Ritz Carlton Hotel.


Matisyahu, a Hasidic reggae singer, performing at Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival 2009

Turnkey Productions, the organizers of the yearly event is set to enhance patrons experience at Jamaica Jazz and Blues by transforming the Greenfield Stadium into a jazzy, sexy ambience that has been tantamount of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues.

We have learnt that the Festival will retain the same ambience on the Greenfield much same as the Aqueduct, with the food court, sky boxes, sponsor tents and audience all on the field itself.

Not to be forgotten, the venue at Greenfield has amazing views of the coastline of Jamaica, offers excellent parking facilities and security, with a spacious atmosphere for you to completely relax, dance, and enjoy the Jamaica Jazz and Blues vibes.