BREAKING NEWS — An American Airlines plane carrying 152 people skidded off the runway and broke in two Tuesday night after landing in Kingston, Jamaica, injuring at least 40 people, according to local news reports.

Airline spokesman Charley Wilson said in a short statement there were no reports of fatalities in the crash that occured about 10:22 p.m. local time Tuesday.

The flight from Miami was carrying 145 passengers and 7 crew members, an operations coordinator at Norman Manley International Airport said.

Reports are that the injured passengers have been taken to the Kingston Public Hospital. No fatalities have yet been reported. Details surrounding the crash in Jamaica were not available, but passengers at the airport told local media that the plane attempted to land in heavy rain when the crash occurred.

Jamaica has been experiencing severe rainfall since last Saturday, with some parts of the island being under flash-flood warning.

Kingston Policeman Oneil Hinds at police headquarters said officers at the scene reported the plane ran off the end of the runway. He said the plane was damaged but did not break apart.

The flight was reported to have originated in Washington, D.C., before going on to Miami.

“The plane crashed and broke almost in front of me,” passenger Naomi Palmer told the Jamaica Observer. Palmer also said she was in some pain.