The record holder at both the 100m and 200m, Usain Bolt, has adopted the fastest animal on four legs, a cheetah, and has given it the only suitable name – Lightning Bolt.

Bolt according to a BBC report was excited about meeting the cheetah and appeared nervous as he was handed the three-month  old cub, the size of a household cat, in a four-day visit to Kenya.

The sprinter who hails from Trelawny, Jamaican adopted the cheetah as part of the launching of a conservation campaign run by German charity the Zeitz Foundation called the Long Run, which aims to promote ecologically sound practices.

Usain Bolt and Lighting Bolt

The world'ss fatest man Usain Bolt poses with the Lighting Bolt, the 3-months-old cheetah he adopted.

During his trip, he impressed local children with his football skills, and became an honorary Maasai warrior.

The BBC’s Caroline Karobia in Nairobi says he appeared to be knocked out of his stride as he toured the Nairobi animal sanctuary – coming face-to-face with fully grown creatures.

“I am glad it wasn’t a lion – the cheetah is much more calm,” he said earlier.

Bolt told the reporter that he was attracted to the initiative because of its objectives.

“I do a lot of charity work in Jamaica. But I would like to see first-hand the challenges facing Africa in environment.”

The Zeitz Foundation was set up by Jochen Zeitz, the boss of sportswear manufacturer Puma.